Yoga as practice: Yoga is a complete practice, for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the self, that has largely become popular in the West based on its physical aspect: asana. By practicing physical asana, the body can lead the mind. By practicing with mindful movement and breath, a stillness can be brought to the emotional and spiritual realm. However, the intention for both a strong, healthy and still mind as well as body must be with the practitioner when practicing asana. It is my intention to bring this awareness to all who practice yoga with me.

My intention: I teach yoga in all its aspects: asana, pranayama, meditation & philosophy. Structuring each class to bring practitioners awareness into their body, their state of mind, their breath, I hope to create a flow of breath-based movement, strengthening the body and relaxing the mind, always closing with meditation and sivasana (deep relaxation). Classes can focus on building to one particular asana, on one area of the body, or with one clear intention in mind. I am also interested in yoga as a form of therapy, physical or mental, and expanding my practice and teaching of yoga as a therapeutic tool.

Your practice: If you would like to practice yoga with me, I am currently offering one-to-one yoga by Skype, and in person based on my current location. I am also available for group classes in studios, and private clients. Please get in touch if you would like to book online one-to-ones, or enquire about class teaching.

I have studied with the Classical School of Yoga in Scotland, David Keil, David Swenson, A. G. Mohan, Leslie Kaminoff and am constantly seeking to broaden both my experience and understanding of yoga. It is a lifelong practice, and I simply seek to share what I have learned so far with practitioners and facilitate your own practice in the space I provide in class, whilst continually learning from others. 

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self,
to the self.
 Bhagavad Gita



"I have never done yoga before 3 months ago. What brought me to Jenny's class was the curiosity for yoga practice and how it could strengthen my core. Having recurring lower back issues I kept hearing how beneficial yoga was for this, and after my first class I am a total convert. It made me feel amazing and a lot more stretched out. My back felt straighter and I actually felt taller. More importantly Jenny made me feel incredible and encouraged my clumsy postures with adjustments and clear instructions. She has a very calming vibe about her that helps me clear my mind and focus one what I'm doing. I don't think of anything but the practise during the classes. I absolutely love going to Jenny's classes and it's one thing now I don't think I could give up. Not to mention the focus on breathing...she loves her breathing. It's all about the practise and with Jenny I'm definitely getting there and loving the journey. Thank you!Lisa, Edinburgh

"After a stressful day this is the perfect way to relax and restore both mind and body. Although Jenny's classes are well-attended, she gives one-to-one attention in postures and poses, helping individuals to get the most from their workout. Each class builds on balance, strength and posture and I leave feeling relaxed, revived and taller! Jenny has a calming tone which proves very relaxing at the end of the class during the Sivasana. She is an excellent teacher and always ensures individual capabilities are catered for. I would highly recommend her practice to anyone, complete beginners included!" Clare, Edinburgh

"I've been to many yoga classes over the years, sporadically though so I would consider myself a beginner, but I have to say that Jenny's class is one of the best I have been to. I've learnt more from her in the last few weeks than I've ever learnt going to various other yoga teachers. She has a lovely intonation of voice as she talks through the poses. She also helps adjust you in the various yoga positions, which has been really beneficial for me learning how to do even the more simple poses properly. I come out of yoga feeling great! I'll definitely be a regular at her classes!" Georgina, Edinburgh

"Jenny is really focused on her participants and what they need from her classes, which is a real breath of fresh air. I really enjoy her classes as she caters to everyone's needs, is approachable and knowledgable and understands what her yoga students want to improve on. Highly recommended!" Claire, Edinburgh

"Jenny is a brilliant teacher. Knowledgeable, patient, and fun. Her classes have great structure, and they are pretty tough going even if you've been doing yoga many years! But there is really something for all levels. My favourite part was the unwinding into relaxation, which involved a wonderful meditation at the end. I look forward to my next class with Jenny!"
Keira, Edinburgh