India 2: Portraits from Kochin, Kerala

Sarah Auntie is a ninety-two year old Jewish lady who lives in a clean, bright room next to a shop selling traditional Jewish lacework. She welcomes visitors to the shop from her chair next door, allowing you to interrupt her reading her morning prayers. She speaks both Yiddish and Malalayam, the language of Kerala. She survives her husband, and has no children. In her youth, she taught many locals the fine art of Jewish lacework, and is now looked after by the locals and a good friend who runs the lace shop. She was born in Kochin, met her Jewish husband in Kochin, and now has retired here. She is one of six remaining Jews in Kochin.

It is believed the Jews came to Kerala as early as 587 BC, following the destruction of their temple in King Solomon's time. After settling in Kochin, relations were very favourable. A Rabbi was made a Prince. And the land dedicated to the Synagogue was promised to them for as long as the sun burned in the sky. And so, the Jews came to Kerala and found refuge that still lasts. Until Israel was established as its own nation in 1947, there were 1000s of Jews in the city. After Israel's independence, most left. And now, there are only six Jews, including Sarah Auntie, living in the city. The Synagogue remains, in all its ornate candlelit beauty.

                          watching & preparing the morning's catch, fisherman & cats near kochin

                a traditional ayurvedic pharmacy, kochin