Hello, my name is Jenny.

I'm a writer, yoga teacher and currently wandering the world. I think words are the most important tool we have for working our will, making change, and helping others and the world we live in. The stories we tell become the reality we live. I practice and teach yoga as a way to explore the inner world, unique to all of us. Yoga is more than just a tool, it is a practice and journey that will lead you through healing, growth to a rock solid sense of Self. I am interested in all forms of healing and therapy, and it is my intention and vision to do my part with what I have (my words and yoga) to help heal others through words, movement, breath, and developing an intimate relationship with your Self.

I am from Edinburgh, Scotland and began travelling in November 2015. Since then, I have spent many months in South India, and am currently exploring South East Asia. I would love to meet and work with likeminded people. If you have any ideas or invitations of working together with words or yoga, please get in touch.