About Jenny

Jenny is a world-wandering writer and yoga teacher. Having always lived in Scotland but always on travel adventures, she decided to round up her job, pack her bags, and set off on a south Indian walkabout. This brought her to Bengaluru, where she is now settled. She teaches yoga in Bengaluru, and writes as much as she can creatively, on her blog, and freelance.

She loves to read and collect stories and the words of others, and writes about her impressions of those words and the world around her. She is interested in South Asian and South East Asian spiritual practices, their journey to the West and back again, shamanism, mental and physical health, women's issues, and human rights.

She loves animals, and doesn't discriminate between India's street dogs or lap cats, she loves to be outdoors and in nature, walking or on a bike. She thinks people, human contact and growing meaningful communities are one of the most important ways to be happy, and the people she meets are just as important as the places she sees when travelling.

If you would like to contact Jenny for a writing opportunity or a yoga enquiry (for classes or a  one-to-one) please email jennyroseyoga at gmail.com